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We all love the idols. We all love their songs, their visuals and everything that comes with the territory by being a true fan. BUT, without the fans it would never be that big. Without the fans there wouldn’t be a community. So this is for you:

A place where the fans get to shine. A place where you can tell your story. Where do you come from? How did you become a fan?

Read some of the stories by clicking on the pictures below (or just go to the interviews section to check them all out).

Dj ChaChaGirls party design 3 by AT KPOP NOW

Genesis party design 2 by AT KPOP NOW

Joel party design 2 by AT KPOP NOW

Janna party design 2 by AT KPOP NOW



Founder and creator @ At Kpop Now "I just love the whole K-pop scene. Not just the artists, but also the fans. The stories directly from the community. From collectors to influencers, from store owners to dancers and dj's. Just everything. To me personally: it's all about the stories."

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