K-Pop Fan Interview: Nicole

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Could you tell us who you are, where you’re from and give us a little description about yourself?

Hello! My name is Nicole. I’m from the Dominican Republic. I am a very positive and kind person. I like to go out with my friends and have a good time. I also love to dance. Dancing is my passion.

So how long are you a K-pop fan and how did you get introduced?

I have been a K-pop fan for 5 years. I found out about K-pop by myself while watching videos on YouTube. it was the best thing that could ever happen to me.

Why do you love K-pop and what makes it different compared to other genre’s?

I love K-pop, because it is different. It’s different in every way. What it presents and transmits is very attractive. The culture is fantastic and makes you want to know more about it.

If you make K-pop related content, could you tell us what you do and why?

I do K-pop dance covers. I do it, because I like it and I want everyone to know the good influence of K-pop and expand it in my country.

Could you tell us your top 5 K-pop groups (in no particular order):

BTS, Stray Kids, Monsta X, Everglow and (G)I-DLE.

Out of those 5, if you had to pick a number 1, who would it be and why?

BTS, because it is on another level: the lyrics of their songs are so personal that they touch your soul. Everything about BTS seems to be natural and that’s why I love it.

Who’s your bias. Could you tell us your top 5 (in no particular order):

Jimin and Jungkook (both from BTS), Lee Know (Stray Kids), I.N and Shownu (Monsta X), E:U (Everglow) and Yuqi ((G)I-DLE).

If you had to pick a number 1 bias, who would it be and why?

Jimin (BTS), because he is very affectionate and tender. He has a very kind heart.

Imagine getting a wish granted, but it has to be K-pop related: could you tell us what your wish would be and why?

To be able to dance with my favorite group in a collaboration, because it would be nice to share what I love with great people.

Let’s spread some love by giving a big shout out. Who would you like to give a shout out to and why?

Greetings to all the people who are watching or reading this.

And last but not least: if you could change the world with just one positive message (it doesn’t have to be K-pop related), what would it be?

Be yourself. You are nice. Don’t be afraid to be who you are, love yourself and be yourself.

Official social media links:

Instagram: @nicole_estevez_24

Instagram: @nifany_covers



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