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Could you tell us who you are, where you’re from and why you have chosen this dance cover as your showcase?

My name is Sydnie and I’m from California! I’ve been posting K-pop dance covers since December 2020. One of my favorite things about covering K-pop dances is challenging myself to different styles and portraying a side of myself that I don’t get to show in everyday life. I find it fun to try to portray the feeling of each song through dance, expressions and styling.

I chose “Loco by Itzy” for my showcase, because I love how it turned out! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull this one off, because I’m not like this at all in real life.

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So how long did you have to study the choreography?

Learning this dance went faster than usual. Initially, it probably took around 40 minutes to learn the choreography. After that, I practiced for another hour, I think. Then it was maybe around two hours on another day to polish the dance and work on the details.

How long does it normally take for you to memorize the choreography?

Memorizing the choreography usually takes around an hour on average. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I practice a lot before I go to record a cover. It depends on the song, but as a general rule, I just practice until I’m satisfied with the result. But if I had to guess, it would probably be around 2-3 more days of practicing for around 2 hours each day.

What was the most difficult part of the choreography?

There’s usually a move in each cover that I find really weird. For this one, it’s the part where I shake my butt at the end of the video. I had so many takes where you can just see on my face that I felt silly doing that move, haha..

Were you surprised that the choreography was easy / difficult and why?

Loco was one of those songs where I could get the gist of the moves just from watching them perform on music shows. The dance was about as difficult as I expected, but I was surprised by the details I overlooked. Songs with less moves are challenging in a different way, because I have to put my all into every move or else it really shows. On another note though, this song is surprisingly tiring on the arms! My arms were pretty sore the next day!

How did you come up with your outfit?

I’m really happy with how this outfit turned out. It’s probably my favorite from all the covers I’ve done. The main inspiration for it is the pink and white floral corset dress with black lace that Yeji wore. I painted my nails black and pink and used a bright pink lip tint to give the feel of the pink streak in her hair. I also wore a white shirt with writing on it and put a fews braids in my hair to give the outfit an edgier feel.

Are there hidden bloopers / secrets in your dance covers?

Yes! I record outside, so I’m always fighting with the wind. I don’t normally use hairspray, but I use a lot when I go to record. Depending on the outfit I wear, my outfit is also taped to me in a bunch of places to keep it in place. I bring fabric tape with me when I go outside to record. I even had to use packing tape to keep my skirt in place for my “O.O.O” cover. Since then, I’ve been bringing the packing tape with me too.

If you could give one positive message / advice to anyone out there who loves to do K-pop dance covers, what would it be?

Do what you want in life so you have no regrets!

And last but not least: If you could give a shout out to another K-pop dancer, because people need to see their showcase. Who would you like to give a shoutout to and why?

I want to give a shout out to @_candyhelo! I love her covers! She has such great energy and precision when she does boy group covers, but she looks so adorable and sweet when she does girl group covers. She’s a wonderful person and deserves a lot of love so please check her out!

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Instagram: @syo.nie


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