Dance Cover Showcase: D’Twinkles

D'TWINKLES party design 3 by AT KPOP NOW

Could you tell us who you are, where you’re from and why you have chosen this dance cover as your showcase?

Hello! We are D’Twinkles from Indonesia. We have 2 members, Tiffany and Carmila. The dance cover that we choose here is “Lovesick Girls by BLACKPINK”, because this song is very attractive and we love this song so much. We really love the choreography.

(interview continues after the dance cover)

So how long did you have to study the choreography?

Both of us needed around 2 days to memorize the choreography and we usually add 2 more days to make our movement a bit smoother.

How long does it normally take for you to memorize the choreography?

Tiffany: It really depends on the choreography, but usually I will divide the dance into several parts. So in one day I will memorize the first part, repeat the choreo until I feel that my movement is smooth enough. Then on the second day I’ll memorize for the other part and so on. Usually I need like 2 or 3 days to memorize it, but if the choreography is hard and the duration is kind of long, I need more days.

Carmila: If it just to memorize the choreography, it depends on how difficult and how long the choreography is. If it’s only 30 – 40 seconds and the choreography is not that difficult, I usually need 1 day to memorize it. I only need more time to memorize it if the choreo is more difficult and the duration is longer.

What was the most difficult part of the choreography?

Tiffany: The hardest part for me was “But we were born to be alone” (1:13), because it was hard to make my hand really straight.

Carmila: The hardest part for me was “이 아픔 없인 난 아무 의미가 없어” (1:06), but fortunately I still could do it.

Were you surprised that the choreography was easy / difficult and why?

Tiffany: I thought that the choreography would be so difficult and tiring, but the fact was, I didn’t take up too much time for memorizing the choreography. So I was kind of surprised to know that it was not too difficult for me.

Carmila : At first, I have memorized the dance, but not the mirrored one. So it was difficult, because I needed to learn the mirror one after learning the original version.

How did you come up with your outfit?

We don’t have any complicated requirement about what to wear. We just discuss on how to match our outfits, like the same color or similar motives. Or both of us will wear skirts or short pants. It’s quite simple to match it.

Are there hidden bloopers / secrets in your dance cover?

Tiffany: Yes there are, but I haven’t shown it yet.

Carmila: Yes and I have uploaded it on my Instagram.

If you could give one positive message / advice to anyone out there who loves to do K-pop dance covers, what would it be?

Tiffany: Don’t be afraid to show your ability. Be confident and do your best!

Carmila: Dance like nobody is watching!

And last but not least: If you could give a shout out to another K-pop dancer, because people need to see their showcase. Who would you like to give a shoutout to and why?

@rin.ajin This girl is so amazing. All her dance covers are all so similar as the artist and she dances great. She makes the difficult choreographies looks so easy. She is really talented.

Official social media links:

Instagram: @tiffanyhuang19

Instagram: @carmilahm

Youtube: D’Twinkles


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