Crush releases MV “Mayday” featuring Red Velvet’s Joy!

Crush ft. Joy party design 3 by AT KPOP NOW

Get ready for a collaboration that will knock you of your feet: Crush featuring Red Velvet’s Joy! The track “Mayday” is part of Crush‘ serie “Homemade“. The theme of the serie is connected with the corona virus (Covid-19) that has taken over the world in rapid pace. Crush confirmed that it’s “Really 100% all home made.” While also adding he would return the favor to Joy whenever she need help or just wants him to “Dance on Red Velvet’sPsycho‘”.

The song has a very spring / summer vibe and the vocals of both singers really complement each other. The music video is very funny, as the pair have to greet a ghost together… or is it just an excuse of Crush to get Joy come over? Who would blame him tho! Check it out below:


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