Watch “The Show” performances by ENHYPEN, AESPA and more!!

The Show’s latest episode is out and it contains hella dope performances by NCT U, AESPA, ENHYPEN and more!

NCT U – “1st prize”

NCT U – “90’s Love”

NCT U – “Work It”

STAYC – “So Bad”

AESPA – “Black Mamba”

ENHYPEN – “10 Months”

ENHYPEN – “Given-Taken”

ENHYPEN – “Let Me In”

LOONA – “Voice”

MOMOLAND – “Ready Or Not”

WOO!AH! – “Bad Girl”

BAE173 – “Every Little Thing Is You”

BAE173 – “Crush On You”

E’LAST – “Tears of Chaos”

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