IZ*ONE release captivating MV “Secret Of The Swan”

IZ*ONE party design 2 by AT KPOP NOW 2

The ladies of IZ*ONE have finally made their official comeback with a 3rd mini album “Oneiric Diary” and music video called “Secret Story of the Swan“.

The music video has the ladies pull of an amazing choreography. Especially when the camera pans out wide. If you look and listen closely, you’ll see a throwback to an older song “La Vie en Rose“.

The track itself is a very up tempo song with an electric dance vibe to it and will blend in perfectly with the summer season. The vocals are top notch once again. WIZONE ‘s (fandom name of IZONE) can be very proud. Check out the music video below:


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  1. June 25, 2020

    […] IZ*ONE made their official comeback with “Secret Story of the Swan“, the ladies immediately got the K-pop world’s attention. And they even won #1 prize […]

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