TXT releases that fire in mv “Can’t You See Me”!

TXT party design 2 by AT KPOP NOW 2

After crushing the scene with their debut, the boys we know as Tomorrow x Together a.k.a TXT have finally made their highly anticipated comeback! Yezzur! The K-pop community was buzzing when all the teasers were dropping and one thing stayed on people’s mind: Can they deliver again? Will they pull up like last time? Judging by their freshly new released track “Can’t You See Me“, one is bound to say hella yes! Their new music video does not only sound good, dips for calling it a BOP already, but it’s the lyrics as well that stands out. The visuals really do connect with the story. So  make sure to check out their whole new mini album called “Dream Chapter: Eternity” and their new music video that goes with it below:


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