TWICE is so kawaii in Japanese version MV “Fanfare”

TWICE party design 2 by AT KPOP NOW 2

Leave it up to your favs TWICE to spoil you in a matter of days: first there was the amazing music video of “More & More” and now they’ve just released the Japanese version of “Fanfare“!! If you’re a Oncer, you’re going to be hyped for this one.

Like the superstars they are, the ladies take center stage while the fanfare plays on each side of them. And yes, the track still sounds amazing even when the language is switched to Japanese. Encore anyone?

Dressed in blue most of the time, the choreography really pops out, especially when the camera pans out wide for a group shot. You can see them all in sync. Impressive indeed!

Check out their music video below:

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