NATURE release uncensored version MV “Girls”!

NATURE party design 2 by AT KPOP NOW 3

Take a dark ride with Nature’s uncensored version music video “Girls“. The thumbnail alone is unsettling enough. Yeah, this is no ordinary K-pop music video that’s for sure!

On display are a lot a blood and white sheets suggest ghosts are in the vicinity. Also a nice touch is the mayhem that has occurred with the display of murdered teddybears. You read that right: a lot of teddybears didn’t make it. I kid you not!

The overall vibe of the uncensored version gives the music an new kind of sound. Beautiful, but with a twist. Check out both of their music videos (uncensored & original) below. Can you spot the differences?:

“Girls” uncensored version:

“Girls” original version:

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