K-Pop Fan Interview: Mari G

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Could you tell us who you are, where you’re from and give us a little description about yourself?

I’m Mari, I’m 20 years old. I’m from Ecuador. Dancing is my number 1 hobby, I also like to draw and I love photography, and I started my Youtube channel a couple of years ago.

So how long are you a K-pop fan and how did you get introduced?

I’ve been a K-pop fan since 2016 and my friends were the ones who got me into it. They showed me this show called Weekly Idol and I fell in love with GOT7 lol. So I started doing my own research and then I found myself listening to K-pop songs 24/7 and learning all the choreos!

Why do you love K-pop and what makes it different compared to other genre’s?

The videos, the choreographies! They are so colorful and the groups have so many members! I really appreciate the time and effort that takes to become an idol and I think most groups from other genres do not excel at all these disciplines such as dancing, singing, rapping and even acting.

If you make K-pop related content could you tell us what you do and why?

I do K-pop reaction videos and Dance covers. I think my face is really expressive so my reactions are always hilarious and I LOVE dancing and K-pop! So I mixed both of those passions and that’s why I do dance covers.

Could you tell us your top 5 K-pop groups (in no particular order):

BTS, BLACKPINK, StrayKids, GOT7 and NCT.

Out of those 5, if you had to pick a number 1, who would it be and why?

BTS, because I just feel so drawn to their personalities. They have shown that they really care for their fans and it’s just an indescribable connection that I feel with them. Plus they have amazing music hehe.

Who’s your bias. Could you tell us your top 5 (in no particular order):

Jungkook, Lisa, Taeyong, Jb and Hyunjin.

If you had to pick a number 1 bias, who would it be and why?

This one has to be shared between Lisa (Blackpink) and Jungkook (BTS). Jungkook is literally the love of my life lmao and I look up to Lisa a lot. I love her personality, her passion and incredible dancing skill. She makes me want to work harder to improve my dancing and to embrace myself and to be a good person.

Imagine getting a wish granted, but it has to be K-pop related: could you tell us what your wish would be and why?

I wish I could be friends with BTS. I feel like we could really just be good friends and also have a lot of fun.

Let’s spread some love by giving a big shout out. Who would you like to give a shout out to and why?

Shout out to my friend Cindy (@cindywii16). She has been a huge inspiration for me from the start on YouTube and she’s also a great dancer and person. I love her and she deserves more attention.

And last but not least: if you could change the world with just one positive message (it doesn’t have to be K-pop related), what would it be?

You can change the world by being yourself, spread love and values like tolerance and respect.

Instagram: @_heyymari_

Youtube: Mari G



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