RM shares insight into BTS on V-Live

BTS' RM by At Kpop Now

BTS' RM by At Kpop Now

On February 20th, RM shared some fun thoughts with fans on V-Live broadcast.

BTS currently working on an album:

“This album is one that I personally like a lot. I don’t mean that I like it’s atmosphere or something like that, it’s because it’s really organic. The songs are really..” He pauses and teases with a laugh, “Well, it’s no fun if I tell you everything!”

Balancing between working and resting:

“One goal I have: is to study about the things that I’m lacking, reflect on myself and change.”

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Album preparations ( while rappers J-Hope, Suga & RM can record in their own studio, vocalists Jin, Jimin, Jungkook & V spend a lot of hours at the recording studio) :

“They have to come here and work with the producers. The time they stay here is really long, and could be tiring and dull, so I always want to tell the vocalist members that I appreciate that they’re working hard.”

Different personalities:

“There’s something that I’ve been thinking about lately. All seven of us are different, you know. We’re really incredibly different. I think I maybe said this in the past, but this is how I describe it: it’s like we’re all sailing in the same boat, but looking at different places. We have different dispositions, we’re good and bad at different things and the things we want to do are different too. But because we’re in this team, we see better sides of each other and we’re achieving things together under the name of BTS that we couldn’t do otherwise. I think the others know that even better than I do.”

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Coming this far:

“The fact that we’ve come this far is like a miracle. It’s really a miracle. Things like renewing our contracts; we’re so different and we really could have turned and said goodbye, but it’s a miracle that we’ve come this far. I’m so grateful. It makes me think ‘I need to work harder.”


“The members trust in me and I trust in them. So for this album too and not just our album, but also the things that many of you are worried about and talking about; we’re trying to minimize that and think about that as much as possible. So trust in us. I hope that you’ll trust in us just a bit more. We’re really going to work hard.”

Gratitude towards ARMY:

“I’m going to be working and running hard while I think about you. I’ll be here, because no matter what words are said: BTS is BTS. I’m grateful for all the honor you given us.” He points to his surroundings: “This is BTS’s, not mine. And it’s all of yours. BTS is all of you, that’s what I think.


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