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Founded in 2018 in The Netherlands, the platform has grown from covering K-pop related news to showcasing fans worldwide, especially on the website as on our official social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook.

Why did we create a platform where K-pop fans get to shine as much as their beloved Idols?

It all comes back to uniting the community, connecting with people all around the world and sharing our stories. As much effort the Idols put into their work, the same can be said of their fanbases. From spending hours and money buying merchandise for your K-pop room to all the energy you put into covering dance choreographies. From saving your money to witness your favorite Idol perfom on stage to carefully handpicking your style to dress as your favs. Yes, we at AT KPOP NOW recognise all of your effort: you deserve to get as much shine as you can!

That’s what makes us different from all the other K-pop media: it’s all about letting people shine through their stories.

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