[ Comebacks & Releases ] Check out this “Week 29” list for July!!

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July 15th up to July 21st: Curious what this week will bring us? Let’s find out!

[ JULY 15th ]

NCT Dream released a special track called “Fireflies“.

KNK returns with a single “KNK S/S Collection” that also includes title track “Sunset“.

DAY6 drops their mini album called “The Book of Us: Gravity” including the title track “Time of Our Life“.

[ JULY 16th ]

FlaShe returns with a new track “Talk“.

[ JULY 17th ]

VIXXHyuk releases his single “Way To You“.

PENTAGON make their highly anticipated comeback with a mini album “SUM(ME:R)” and their title track “Humph!“.

[ JULY 18th ]

NCT’s Taeyong will release his SM Station track “Long Flight“.

[ JULY 19th ]

RAINZ’ Hong Eun Ki will be making his solo debut with his single “Bow“.

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