[ Comebacks & Releases ] Check out our list for October!

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Out with September, in with October! Find out what your biases have in store this month:

[ OCTOBER 7th ]

AB6IX release their very first album called “6IXENSE” .

ONF drop their mini album “GO LIVE“.

[ OCTOBER 8th ]

ATEEZ drop their album “TREASURE EP.FIN: All to Action“.

LOVELYZ’ Kei will be making her solo debut with a mini album “Over and Over”.

[ OCTOBER 9th ]

STRAY KIDS release their single “Double Knot”!

[ OCTOBER 10th ]

LADIES CODE make their royal comeback with “Code #3“.

[ OCTOBER 11th ]

BAP’s Daehyun will release his single album “Aight”“.

[ OCTOBER 13th ]

HEIZE will make a grand return with a new mini album!

[ OCTOBER 14th ]

SUPER JUNIOR drop their 9th mini album called “Time Slip” & a new mv with title track “Super CLAP“!

BTOB’s Hyunsik releases his mini album “Rendez-Vous“.

[ OCTOBER 15th ]

N.FLYING drop a new album “Yaho“.

[ OCTOBER 21st ]

NUEST make their official comeback.

[ OCTOBER 22nd ]

DAY26 will be dropping something fresh!

[ OCTOBER 24th ]

ARIAZ will be making their debut today!

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